Expandable Garden Hose Kit

  • Full Set Ready - 2021 the most advanced expandable garden hose kit, come with 7 in 1 nozzle, solid 3/4'' fitting, rubber washer, faucet adapter and carrying bag. Full set compact connected. Great value and no need to buy spare parts and attachments for the hose installation. Your ideal garden hose kit choice.
  • Magic Expandable Design - 25ft stretchable garden hose starts from 9 Feet, and stretches out up to 3 times in length (up to 25ft) when water runs through it with pressure (3-12 Bar). And retract back to original size when drains. Extremely flexible, light weight and maneuverable hose comparing to the conventional hoses. Great invention for having a retractable hose to save your place.
  • Compact and Durable Design - expandable garden hose made from inner high quality durable nature latex core and outer covered high density polyester fabric. Unlike the cumbersome conventional hose, This expandable garden hose with no kink, no twist, no tangle features provides great compact, flexible storage and usage. Makes it easy and convenient for watering around the garden and other place.
  • 7 in 1 Nozzles - Water spraying nozzle has 7 different spraying modes, rotate it to choose different shapes of water flow like flat, shower, jet, center, mist, full and cone. Meet your different watering needs. 3/4’’ solid fitting provides a leak-proof, break-proof, crack-proof and corrode-proof constructions between the pipe connection. Nozzle is handy and easy to use. Ergonomic handle is slip-resistant and comfy.
  • Kids Fun - light weight, flexible and expandable garden hose, a must have for every family. Perfect for outdoor gardening, lawn, boat and car, pet, house washing. Great for kids to learn to do garden work, having fun with friends and family while watering play.