New Electric Razor For Feet

  • ☘【Different Polishing Heads】Different designs, the two sanding heads are used alternately. The lighter color is a polished stone, which can be used for daily polishing and cleaning, and the darker one is a frosted stone, which can be used to polish thicker dead skin, perfect combination, and remove dead skin and calluses.
  • ☘【Strong without Hurting the Feet】The internal use variable voltage power supply drives the special polishing head to rotate, When you use high pressure, the foot polisher detects that it may damage the skin. It will stop immediately, so you don’t have to worry about hurting your feet. You don't have to push press this exfoliator at all. Gently lay it on your foot and guide while it's doing its job.
  • ☘【How to Use】 Soak your feet, Dry with a towel. When the calluses on your feet or hands look white, start sanding. When the exploited skin cells become a dry powder then soak again and switch to the other foot. Take your time and take off in layers. When you use it every day your feet will be smooth and soft.
  • ☘【Dual Power Supply Methods】When you are at home, you can use USB to supply power. When you go out, you can use batteries to supply power, which is very convenient