Pockets Vertical Wall Garden Planter Hanging

  • Eco Friendly Material:Our hanging flower pots are made of brand-new high-quality felt materials, which are safe and non-toxic, biodegradable, anti-corrosive, sun-proof and UV-proof, have good moisturizing effect, and can be used repeatedly indoors and outdoors.
  • Wall-mounted flowerpot:There are metal round holes around the wall-mounted planting bag, which can be easily hung on the wall without worrying about falling. It saves space compared to traditional flower pots.
  • Wide Application:Vertical felt bags can be used to plant flowers and other green plants to decorate your courtyard or room, and can also be used to grow strawberries, mint,herbs and other fruits and vegetables for food
  • Perfect Design: Felt cloth has good water absorption and moisture retention, can quickly provide water to the roots of plants, can lock water in a certain period of time, can create ideal soil conditions, and care for the growth of plants.
  • Large Capacity: Our vertical planting bag is designed with multiple pockets, which is convenient for planting a variety of fruits, vegetables and other herbs at the same time.



  • Colour: Green

  • Size: 100cm x 100cm

  • 72 pockets in total

  • 5 eyelets along each side to ensure a secure connection to the wall